Our Mission:

Duggan Therapy LLC is a Christian Professional Counseling Company that is dedicated to helping you live happy, healthy and well adjusted in an affordable and safe environment.  


Our History:

Duggan Therapy LLC was founded in August 2010 and began in Redeemer's Church Westerville (now Life Giving Church).  The founder had spent the previous decade working with children and families that had limited access to professional counseling due to being uninsured or underinsured. The gap between counseling need and counseling provided birthed Duggan Therapy LLC.  


Our Values:

Duggan Therapy LLC believe the Word of God has the healing power we need to live the life God has created for each us.


We believe that the cost of counseling should not be the determining factor in receiving counseling.  


Duggan Therapy LLC believes that each individual is in charge of the life he/she lives.  Our goal at Duggan Therapy LLC is to assist you in living that life to the fullest measure.